Hannah Pirot

(born 2003 in Berlin)

"We want to set an example. Only when we disrupt are we noticed."*

Hannah Pirot practises civil disobedience adressing the issue of climate. Like other climate activists of her generation, Hannah Pirot recognised the catastrophic consequences of man-made climate change very early on. On 25 January 2019, the Berlin schoolgirl took part in a “Fridays for Future” demo with friends for the first time. It was not long before she was gripped by the inspiring feeling of fighting alongside others for political goals. “We don’t have any time left,” says Pirot and, together with her “Fridays for Future” colleagues, she urges the political and economic spheres to comply with the Paris Climate Agreement and achieve a climate-neutral city balance sheet by 2030. She understands civil disobedience as her civil duty and is today press spokesperson for the Berliner Aktivist:innen-Gruppe (Berlin Activist Group). For her social commitment, Hannah Pirot was awarded the Preis für Active Schüler_innen (Active Pupils’ Prize) of the Deutsche Vereinigung für Politische Bildung (German Association for Political Education) in 2020. Only those who upset the routines of society will be taken note of by it. In everything she does, however, Hannah Pirot considers violent actions an absolute no-go.

* Kreuz & Quer Podcast  (17.11.2022). 

Hannah Pirot
Credits: Kay Fochtmann