Get involved!

Anyone and everyone can get involved. Design an exhibition wall, organise an accompanying event or become a ToleranzTeamer. Or simply come to ToleranzRäume as a visitor and have a lasting impact on the project with your opinion and commitment.

Participate – on site and digitally

The ToleranzRäume exhibition lives and learns from its visitors. Leave tips for more respect and tolerance in everyday life, get inspired by role models and discuss what you find tolerable and where tolerance ends for you. In the exhibition itself or digitally, on the website or in social media.

Become a Guide

Guides are available in the exhibition to offer advice and assistance. Guides are people who are willing to give an occasional guided tour of the exhibition on site. We are happy if guides already have experience with guided tours – but this is not a must! They are recruited through the local organiser. They will be trained by the ToleranzRäume educational team for the specific task and equipped with materials.

Local involvement

Local initiatives and projects that promote respect, tolerance and humanity are invited to get involved, introduce themselves and thus facilitate dialogues. These initiatives serve a spatial expansion of the exhibition’s themes. Existing spaces of tolerance become more visible. We support local initiatives networking with one another and with the exhibition visitors.

Got questions about the exhibition? You can find answers here.