Bring the exhibition to your locality!

Do you represent a locality or institution and want to bring the ToleranzRäume (Eng.: ToleranceSpaces) to you? Here’s everything you need to know! What are the advance requirements? What does the Toleranz-Tunnel Association do? What are the host locality’s duties? What ideas are there for a diverse accompanying programme? You’d like to support the exhibition as an individual? Then take a look further down this page.

Your locality as a ToleranzRaum (ToleranceSpace)

Anywhere and everywhere, whether city, municipality, institution, organisation or company, can become a ToleranzRaum – that’s what we aim to show with your help. The ToleranzRäume project team provides the exhibition itself, its transport, installation, dismantling and security personnel, as well as the accompanying materials for educational institutions and for training Guides free of charge for each exhibition venue. Our project managers support the local exhibition partners from preparation and implementation to follow-up. The exhibition venues then take on the role of organisers and arrange the accompanying programme.

How does my place become a tolerance space?

This manual provides step-by-step instructions for the ToleranzRäume exhibition.

Your ToleranzRäume – making local commitment visible

Every organiser can actively participate in the exhibition. On two levels:

You can design a (partially digital) exhibition space yourself. Introduce organisations and actions that are already committed to tolerance in your community.

You can also organise an accompanying programme in which as many people, groups and institutions as possible can get involved. In this way, you not only bring ToleranzRäume to your locality, but also your locality to ToleranzRäume. Local involvement is visibly and sustainably fortified.

Beyond the exhibition – your duties

As a local organiser, you obtain the necessary permits for the exhibition space and galvanise educational institutions and other local initiatives. The organisation of an accompanying event programme is in your hands and is supported by our project managers with tips, templates and ideas.

If you wish to design an exhibition wall, you are responsible for collecting local content. Following a review by our project team, we take care of transmitting it to the exhibition and to the digital sphere.

If you would like to design an exhibition wall, you compile the local content. After review by our project team, we will transfer the content to the exhibition and to the digital medium.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Those interested in an exhibition, such as cities, municipalities, museums, educational institutions, religious communities or companies, can contact us via e-mail at and express their interest. We look forward to any interest and will get back to you at the earliest opportunity with concrete information concerning on-site procedures and planning for ToleranzRäume.

As an organiser, your on-site organisational duties will include:

– providing a well-frequented place (with electrical connection)

– obtaining the necessary local permits (the exhibition itself meets the requirements for the construction of temporary structures in public spaces)

– local marketing and the involvement of the local press (here, we provide suggestions, guidelines and templates)

– approaching and attracting local educational institutions

– optional: designing an exhibition wall together with local initiatives

– optional: organising an accompanying programme for the exhibition (here, we provide suggestions and templates)

Planning and implementing the exhibition requires roughly four to six months.

The organisation as well as costs for transport, installation and dismantling are borne by Toleranz-Tunnel e.V.

The Toleranz-Tunnel e.V. project team arranges installation and dismantling personnel.

total exhibition area: approx. width: 7.60 m, approx. depth: 13.00 m, approx. height: 4.50 m

container: approx. width: 2.30 m, approx. depth: 9.80 m, approx. height: 2.40 m

ring: diameter ca. 7.00 m, possible mounting height ca. 4.50 m

Toleranz-Tunnel e.V. provides support with general press material and templates, e.g. for posters.

We provide a security service that guards the exhibition on site around the clock.

For each exhibition location, there is a responsible project manager at Toleranz-Tunnel e.V. who provides support for all questions and planning steps relating to the exhibition.

Have we piqued your interest?

If you would like to show the exhibition ToleranzRäume in your city, please feel free to contact us and we will send you concrete information about the on-site peocedures and planning invloved in hosting ToleranzRäume.