What’s in the exhibition

What can you expect in ToleranzRäume (Eng: ToleranceSpaces)? 

Inside, the focus is on the concept of tolerance, highlighting also notable instances from history. Outside, examples from everyday life are used to show where tolerance is important and how each individual can stand up for more mutual respect. 

Your path through the exhibition is not mapped out in advance – whether you go from the inside to the outside or vice versa, ToleranzRäume are accessible from all directions

Inspiration from role models

As you start walking through the exhibition inside, you’ll quickly encounter the central question: What can seen as tolerance? How do we manage to treat one another respectfully and tolerantly, even when we have very different perspectives on difficult questions? 

 Examples of this abound, and from a wide variety of personalities who have worked or are still campaigning in their own way for more respect and tolerance in their community – from Annette von Droste-Hülshoff to May Ayim. 

If you feel particularly inspired by a tolerance role model, you can take them with you directly – because you’ll find they’re on a tear-off pad. In this way, ToleranzRäume can come home with you. 

Outside the container, you’ll also find an overview of local initiatives that are working for more respect and tolerance in your city and beyond. If you’ve been inspired by the exhibition or programme, you can see here where you can get involved in your town. So that the ToleranzRäume, or ToleranceSpaces, continue, even if the exhibition has moved on. 

Would you like to learn more about the tolerance role models? this way!

Tolerance at your doorstep

Always centre stage: tolerance in everyday life. 

In the container, a large mural shows a multitude of everyday situations in which respect and tolerance are required.  You can choose for yourself what you find tolerable – and what you don’t. This sets the mood at a very individual slant. At the same time, the mural shows that tolerance is not a foregone conclusion. People need to be actively committed to it.  

Right next to the mural, you’ll get ideas on how you can stand up for more tolerance in the conversations displayed. Of course, you can also take these tips home with you, in practical form as flyers or any time you choose on our social media channels.  

Additionally, in the outdoor area, other day-to-day situations in which tolerance is required are recreated – whether shopping, on public transport or playing in a nursery. Here, too, you can experience and discuss how you can bring respect and tolerance into our coexistence with your own everyday behaviour. 

Tolerance also in your lessons

Have you discovered the hidden object picture in the exhibition and would like to work with it in your lessons or in a workshop?

You’ll find a whole method for the hidden object picture in our educational materials. Take a look at the method – maybe it’s just what you need? You can also find the entire hidden object picture as a PDF in the method download folder.

"Tolerance City or City of Conflicts?" Find out more about our educational material on the hidden object picture here

Are you looking for tips and explanations of terms for everyday situations?

Limits of tolerance

Tolerance is unequivocally regarded as a matter of negotiation in ToleranzRäume. Not everyone has to or can tolerate everything. Therefore, the limits of tolerance are also illuminated. 

Probably the most difficult wall of the exhibition outlines events and developments where communities have forgone tolerance. This is both a warning and an appeal – border violations and genocides don’t simply appear out of the blue, but rather give evidence of their coming in advance, and are often driven by a few individuals, while others actively participate in one form or another, or passively stand by and watch. But we all contribute to the mood in our society through our everyday behaviour, and are in a position to stop such processes of dehumanisation. The containers’ other walls and outer surface show how this can be done. 

A heap of wreckage piling up to the sky

8 thematic films on respect, tolerance and living together

Between the two entrances to the exhibition you will find the cinema wall. Here you can choose from a selection of eight films by simply touching the display and get to know new perspectives.

People like Tuğba Tekkal or Thomas Hitzlsperger talk about respect, tolerance and living together in a diverse society.

Would you like to watch the films on the cinema wall again at your leisure?