Alexander Bojcan

(born 1974 in West Berlin)

"I was depressed for thirty years. I have to live with it. And I don't feel like hiding it."

As an artist and private individual, Alexander Bojcan not only advocates a
cosmopolitan Germany, but also brings into question how to deal with the taboo
topic of depression.
Alexander Bojcan, a comedian, actor and author best known as the fictional
character Kurt Krömer, is one of the most successful artists in the German
entertainment television landscape. He grew up in the West Berlin districts of
Neukölln and Wedding in a working-class family. During the course of his
professional growth, he has worked as a men’s outfitter and as an employee of a
cleaning company, but finally found his passion in comedy. With the award-winning
TV format Chez Krömer, he and his team created a humorous and simultaneously
socially critical platform. His guests, including many celebrities, politicians and
artists, face their own contradictions in an unpredictable manner.
The boundaries between the fictional character Kurt Krömer and the private
individual Alexander Bojcan are fluid. He raises questions about generalised
statements, positioning himself against discriminatory, racist and homophobic ways of thinking and continually “pushing the envelope”.
The comedian, a single father who himself suffered from depression for many years,
has used the platform brought by his fame to bring the topic more into the public
eye. His path to healing, not without obstacles and only beginning when he went
into treatment, is described in his book Du darfst nicht alles glauben, was Du denkst:
Meine Depression (You Must Not Believe Everything You Think: My Depression). He
seeks to motivate and encourage others affected by depression.
In his new podcast Feelings, every episode sees him meeting guests undisclosed to him in advance, thus creating open, spontaneous and authentic dialogues on every occasion.

Credits: Urban Zintel