Das Känguru

(The Kangaroo, book series character) by Marc-Uwe Kling (ongoing since 2008)

"I still have a crystal clear opinion on everything. But I'm not quite as sure as I used to be that it's true."*

The Kangaroo Chronicles are a literary creation of the author Marc-Uwe Kling and comprise to date four anthologies. The rebellious marsupial and its mother come to Germany from Vietnam to earn a living as contract workers. Maintaining a staunchly communist stance, it repeatedly plans the overthrow of capitalism and never tires of annoying Nazis. At the same time, the Kangaroo is excruciatingly lazy and defiant; its freeloader lifestyle often stands in the way of its plans for a coup. What makes the Kangaroo so charming however is its acerbic tongue: it never shies away from lashing out with a biting comment or a witty quote, and it oozes with creativity that finds an outlet in its inventions and its unfinished magnum opus, Opportunism and Repression. With its contradictory personality and fluid bi-trans-metro-sexuality, the Kangaroo defies traditional categorisations. It seemingly has the whole world hidden it in its furry pouch—from its beloved liquor-filled chocolates to red boxing gloves to “borrowed” ashtrays. In this way, the Kangaroo always has something for everyone.

*Kling, M. (16 March 2022). “Glasklare Meinung” (Crystal Clear Opinion), The
Kangaroo Comics, episode 367.

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