Leon Christoph Goretzka

(born 1995 in Bochum)

"We must be the ones who ensure that something like this never happens again."

Leon Christoph Goretzka, beyond being a professional footballer, uses his celebrity status to combat hatred and intolerance. 

German National Team player Leon Goretzka plays world-class football for FC Bayern Munich. In 2020, he not only became German champion with Bayern, but also won the DFB Cup and the Champions League. In the same year, he founded the initiative “We Kick Corona” with his teammate Joshua Kimmich. The aim is to support charitable associations and social institutions in all areas of society with urgently needed donations. Together with other football players, he has collected over six million euros for charitable purposes, thereby bolstering 760 projects throughout Germany. 

He further uses his celebrity status to position himself clearly against right-wing ideas and xenophobia: in an interview with the daily newspaper Die Welt, Goretzka stated clearly: “The AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Eng.: Alternative for Germany) is not an alternative, but a disgrace for Germany.” 

* (Leon Goretzka after his conversation with Holocaust survivor Margot Friedländer) 

https://fcbayern.com/de/news/2020/12/leon-goretzka-trifft-holocaust-ueberlebende-margot-friedlaender (17.11.2022).

Leon Goretzka
Credits: Marco Fischer