Raúl Aguayo-Krauthausen

(born 1980 in Lima, Peru, since the age of one in Berlin)

"Non-disabled people have a right to live with disabled people, too."

Raúl Aguayo-Krauthausen is an author, communications graduate, design thinker and inclusion activist. 

Aguayo-Krauthausen is known for the significant commitment he has demonstrated to people with disabilities. An example is his launching of “Wheelmap.org”, an online map for finding and marking wheelchair-accessible places. The 2004 campaign “Die Suche nach dem SuperZivi” (approx. Eng.: The Search for the Super-Civilian)a meaningful response to the casting show format of DSDS (abbr. for Deutschland sucht den Superstar, approx. Eng.: Germany’s Superstar Search)—gave the starting signal for the founding of the association “Sozialhelden” (renamed “Sozialheld*innen” in 2019; approx. Eng.: Public-Spirited Hero[in]es). What started as a small idea is now a large network of volunteers who through various actions campaign for diverse topics relating to social justice. 

In 2014, the Berliner published his biography Dachdecker wollte ich eh nicht werden (I Never Wanted to Be a Roofer, Anyway) and a year later, he began hosting his own talk show. His charitable work and progressive ideas have been honoured with several awards. He received the Grimme Online Award, the Silvio Meier Prize and in 2013 the Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande (Federal Cross of Merit). Today, he hosts several podcast formats, such as Im Aufzug (Eng.: In the Lift) and Wie kann ich was bewegen? (approx. Eng.: How Can I Make a Difference?) and writes a column for MDR (broadcaster Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk). 

* https://raul.de/ (17.11.2022)

Credits: Esra Rotthoff