Once around the
world and back



Around the world and back!?

Hidden on and in the box in front of you are world maps that show you our Earth from various perspectives. Embark on a journey around the globe and see whether what seems self-evident to you is really so self-evident. Also, do you have a smartphone on you? Then take a closer look at the wall at this station. Because there’s much more to that little device than just technology.

Table, left:

Have you ever wondered what path your phone took to get to you? Or where our food comes from? After all, not everything can be made „around the corner“ or grow here.

Many of the things we use every day have travelled a long way to get to us. This is often unavoidable. But it may be good to take a closer look: where and under what conditions was my mobile phone manufactured? If a T-shirt from India costs five euros, no one can really earn anything more from it, right?

Will they have to chop down a forest somewhere in the world for my food? Did the animal on my plate have a good life before its death?

Taking a look „beyond your own nose“ sometimes helps you understand the role tolerance, respect and appreciation play here as well. You may be wondering what one single  person like you can do for our planet. Many together can make a big difference!


Table, right:

A glance at the cards in the box or at the infographic with your smartphone will give you some information about how everything in the world is connected.

On the side of the table, there’s a calendar that shows you when which fruits and vegetables are ripe here in this part of the world. Maybe it would be better to go for an apple instead of strawberries in autumn?