in the streets!?



Battle zone in the streets?

Things are really hopping here! Whether out in the country or in the city, we meet a wide variety of people every day and sometimes find ourselves in situations that are not always easy to handle.

Use the magnetic pen to move the ball through the maze and see what conflict situations you encounter along the way. On the wall in front of you, you’ll find questions to answer.

Wall, front:

  • Do I always have to freak out?
  • Can I be of help here
  • Do I watch out for others?
  • Walkway or car park?
  • Why can’t I go everywhere without feeling afraid?
  • How do I get in here?
  • Can I get out of here?
  • Where do kids and teenagers find their place?
  • Where to put the rubbish?
  • Is it okay to say anything?

Text table, right:

Whether on the way to school, daycare, work or friends—as soon as we leave the house, we meet people who we share public space with: the street, public transport, playgrounds and so on. Sometimes, we reach the limit of our patience. Because of carelessly parked cars, bikes or scooters. Because the space on the pavement is getting tight or because we have to wait a long time for the public transport. Then it can all get to be too much for us, and we want to let off steam. Wouldn’t it be much smarter to stay cool, be considerate of others and get where you want to go without any stress? Streets are a real challenge to our tolerance!


Table, how to play:

In the city or in the country—we live together. Streets come up against streets, people against people… sometimes it gets tight, and sometimes there’s stress.

Imagine that you’re the ball. Using a sensitive touch, move through the maze. Let yourself be guided by the situations portrayed and the questions in the margins. How do you react in different situations, and what about our togetherness and consideration?